I am a hard-worker, highly committed individual willing to collaborate and deliver great results. I have a wide range of interests ranging from online marketing, event management, public relations, new media, new technologies, web and print design as well as videography.

My motto: "If you want to grow personally and professionally, be open and willing to share with others."​
As a graduate in public relations and media arts from Wayne State University, I am a hard-working, highly committed individual willing to collaborate and deliver great results. I have a wide range of interests, including public relations, new media, new technologies, design and videography. I have diversified my skills, which makes me very marketable. I enjoy learning and I am open and willing to share with others.

A little bit about me:
My parents are from a little group of islands called Cape-Verde. The archipelago is located on the west side of Africa, about 500 km (or 300 miles) from Senegal. Although I really love my parents’ country of origin, I was born and grew up in France, in a little town in the French Alps called Thonon-les-Bains.

After graduating with a B.T.S. in Communication des Entreprises in 2007, I packed my bags and moved to the United States, landing in Detroit. Coming to this country without my family was a BIG change, but something inside me (call it destiny) just attracted me here. In 2010, I graduated with a Bachelors in Public Relations and decided to further my education with a Masters in Media Arts, learning video production, and a Certificate in Communication and New Media. I have so many interests, which is why I learn as much as can via internships, books and YouTube videos. I really believe that graphic and web design, new media, public relations and videography complement each other. In today's economical climate, I want to be able to multitask and my skills allow me to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from done, which is great because I love to learn.

The various positions I have held allowed me to gain knowledge, which is truly invaluable. I love event planning, design, videography, new media and I am very happy that the field of public relations allows me to marry all these fields. Lastly, as you probably have guessed, I fluently speak French, Cape Verdean (Creole Portuguese) and English. I am currently working on improving my Portuguese and Spanish and hope to become fluent in the near future.

I am glad you stopped by. Please enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact me!

Online /Email Marketing
Event Management / Logistics
Web / Graphic Design
I have been designing print and online materials for a little bit over 10 years now. I have experience with the following programs, Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, etc. to cite a few.

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Public Relations
I graduated with a BA in Public Relations in 2010. I've had the opportunity to participate in various events and projects that have allowed me to create valuable connections with the press, and utilize my public relations and management skills.

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I fell in love with videography in 2010 while I was working on my MA in Media Arts/Production. The ability to capture moments and tell a story is very special ability. One of my most rewarding project was creating the videography for the moving exposition Con/Vida, Popular Arts of the Americas..

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I love online marketing, media relations and event planning. My hobbies include traveling, computing, reading, painting and dancing. Follow my adventures on my own personal blogs, which will describe my personal and professional adventures.

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For years, I have been meaning to write about all my professional and dancing adventures. I am a young professional who has had the chance to fall in love with online marketing and event planning/management. I have worked for a few companies as a marketing coordinator and during my free time, I have been working as an […]

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